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LVL Lashes will add length, volume and lift to your natural lashes, without using semi-permanent lash extensions or false lashes.

Semi permanent professional eyelash extensions.
For a perfect look every day, individual eyelash extensions that last for weeks. They look and feel like natural lashes - only you know they're not real!

Full set     £50.00
In-fills (1hr)    £28.50
In-fills (1hr 15mins)    £33.50
In-fills (1hr 30mins)    £38.50


Individual false eye lash (full set)     £12.50
Individual false eye lash (half set)     £9.00
Eyelash tint      £9.50

Brow shaping and tinting is ideal for perfecting
eyebrows for the application of eye make-up.

Eyebrow wax     £6.00
Eyebrow shape (tweezer)     £6.00
Eyebrow tint     £6.50
Eyebrow tint & wax     £9.50

Eyelash tint, brow tint & brow wax   £17.50

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