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PhD is the only waxing system in the world to eliminate the chance of cross contamination. The unique PhD applicator is attached to a tube of high quality wax and is applied directly and evenly onto the treatment area. The applicator is thrown away after each treatment, eliminating the risk of cross contamination (especially in areas prone to bleeding).

                                                                                    Full leg     £19.50
Full leg with bikini line     £26.50
Half leg     £14.50
Forearms     £14.50
Underarms       £8.50
Bikini line (from)       £9.50
Sides of bikini line (extra)       £4.00
Bottom       £8.00
Brazilian     £18.00
Hollywood     £25.50
Las Vegas (Hollywood plus bikini gems)     £32.00
Eyebrow       £6.00
Lip       £5.00
Chin       £5.00
Lip & Chin       £9.50
3 small areas of face     £14.50
Back     £19.00
Chest     £19.00
Back & Chest     £32.00
Holiday Pack (full leg, bikini, lip,                
chin,eyebrow & underarm)     £45.00

Hot Wax available - please call for details

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